Martha's Vineyard Rod & Gun Club
Activities, Events & Programs
The club's easy access to its 1/2 mile of private shoreline on spectacular Sengekontacket Pond offers many action-packed opportunities for fabulous saltwater fishing from the shore or boat.

Use of the club's beach is for members only.


During specific seasons, on the club's 16-acres of private property, waterfowl hunting from the two points of land that jut out into Sengekontacket Pond is bountiful. Just bring your gun, Labrador and put out the decoys. Many hunters have enjoyed a delicious duck or goose dinner from the club's flyways.

Hunting on the club's property is for members only.

Shell Fishing
Imagine your own island clambake, fresh corn on the cob, grilled new potatoes, warm melted Shell Fishing butter and your favorite beverage. You can begin it all just by bringing your rake and clam basket to the club's private beach, wading out into the water, and gathering your own shellfish.

Shell fishing at the club is for members only. Also, you must live in Edgartown and have an Edgartown Shell Fishing License.

On Sunday afternoons throughout the year, members and their guests enjoy "breaking the clay birds" on the club's regulation skeet, trap and modern skeet field. Many of the members go fishing in the morning, and then enjoy the fun of shooting the shotgun sports in the afternoon. Skeet & Trap

The range is staffed every Sunday with a volunteer range officer. Ammunition, shell pouches and mandatory ear and eye protection are available.

The club was one of the first sportsmen's clubs in the country to become environmentally sensitive. By using non-toxic shot, black biodegradable targets and "hand cleaning" the grounds twice a year, the club has been applauded by local, state and federal environmental agencies.

The skeet & trap range has a complete sprinkler system that keeps the fields lush and green. Also, the grounds are groomed every week.

Skeet and trap may also be arranged on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday and on Mondays when it is a Federal or State holiday. Members just have to call one of the volunteer range officers.

Guests are invited but must be accompanied by a member.

Skeet & Trap Range Hours
Sunday Noon-5pm Staffed
Monday Closed (*Noon-5pm)
Tuesday Closed  
Wednesday 10am-5pm Call a Range Officer
Thursday Closed  
Friday 10am-5pm Call a Range Officer
Saturday Noon-5pm Call a Range Officer
  *Federal or State Holidays

Skeet & Trap Range Officers
Spider Andresen 508-645-9668  
Mark Baline 508-693-0819  
David Blackinton 508-627-7341    
Dick Carlson 508-939-0909    
Orlando Corsi 508-627-3260  
Bill Damora 732-567-6550  
Bob De Lisle 508-627-3019  
Jeff Donaroma 508-939-1341  
John Durfee 508-696-9936  
Dick Fenn 508-627-1323  
Phil Hughes 508-693-3987    
Peter Jones 508-627-5800 Summer
Marc Jones 508-693-4279 Summer
Karen Kukolich 508-627-8556  
Cliff Meehan 508-627-8491  
John Montes 508-627-8224  
Brian Reed 508-693-4278  
Bill Shanok 508-645-9492 Summer
Ron Shilakes 508-627-4708 Summer
Ray Sylvia 774-563-0046    
Matt Tobin 508-645-9437  
Knolls Ward 508-560-2215    
Brian Welch 508-693-4674    

The Ventriloquist Club
A member can practice and shoot skeet and trap by himself when he joins the Ventriloquist Club. The Ventriloquist is a device that the shooter clips on his belt and is voice activated, resulting in the release of the trap when the shooter says "pull." It's easy to practice skeet and trap a lot differently if you're alone. Just keep shooting your problem stations over and over - with no concern about holding up the squad.

To join the Ventriloquist Club you (a) must be a Range Officer and (b) must contribute towards the maintenance of the Ventriloquist system.

Archery The club maintains a 50-yard archery range on the club's property overlooking beautiful Sengekontacket Pond. Opening soon is a 3-D archery range and a long distance target archery range on 100 acres in the State Forest off Barnes Road across from the Airport Industrial Park.

Guests are invited but must be accompanied by a member.

Archery Range Hours
Dawn to dusk, Sunday through Saturday.

The club's 50-yard firing range is open seven days a week to members and their guests. Only pistol, slug shotgun and black powder is allowed. No center fire rifles. Eye and ear protection is mandatory. Throughout the year various shooting events in the different disciplines are held on the range.

Guests are invited but must be accompanied by a member.

Firing Range Hours
Sunday 10am-noon & 5pm-1/2 hour before sunset
Monday 8am-1/2 hour before sunset
*8am-noon & 5pm-1/2 hour before sunset
Tuesday 8am-1/2 hour before sunset
Wednesday 8am-10am & 5pm-1/2 hour before sunset
Thursday 8am-1/2 hour before sunset
Friday 8am-10am & 5pm-1/2 hour before sunset
Saturday 8am-Noon & 5pm-1/2 hour before sunset
  *Federal or State Holidays

Usage Rules: Firing Range/Skeet & Trap Range
The skeet, trap and firing ranges overlap each other, which does not allow all three ranges to be used at the same time. In the interest of cooperation, and so that all sportsmen may enjoy their favorite gun discipline to the utmost, the club has developed the following set of range usage rules:
  • The firing range may be used during skeet & trap hours only if the skeet & trap range is not being used.
  • During skeet & trap hours, if the firing range is being used, and skeet or trap shooters arrive to shoot, firing range shooters must stop shooting.
  • During skeet & trap lesson times, lessons take priority. Skeet & trap shooters may shoot during lesson times if no lessons are scheduled.

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